Dog Day Care & Dog Boarding Culver City

The Doggy Daycare in Culver City is second to none. Our expert staff will meet your needs, and probably even raise your expectations. They will cater to all your favorite pet’s needs, all with a smile on their faces. Instead of cramming your dog in a crowded cell with a rusty cot, we will encourage them to explore and interact with the other dogs. Even if they don’t feel like associating with the other pets, one of our highly trained staff will snuggle up with them and make sure that your pet is absolutely comfortable.

We offer dog grooming services such as a full groom, nail trim, teeth cleaning or a partial bath (tummy to toes).  We also do a wash and blow dry which includes a nail trim, ears and anal gland expression. All of our staff are gentle and caring, providing your dog with exactly what they want without being rough.

Not only are our dog kennels, dog hotel, and dog daycare top-notch, but a few satisfied customers have stated that they resemble a pet hotel, pet resort, and even a dog spa. Did I mention that we also have a dog pool? The level of satisfaction with our dog watch and pet care is peerless.

Why do you want your pet to be in a state-of-the-art facility housing multiple trained professionals? Maybe it’s just because our dog boarding, dog training, dog sitting, and pet sitter services are so amazing. Some nights I even sleep in a kennel so I feel closer to the dogs. After all, it’s difficult to find such a good dog sitter. Who wants to leave their dog at some dumpy pet boarding place, anyways?

We hear unhappy people all the time who haven’t been introduced to our services yet. They say, “I want a dog daycare near me”, “I need a dog hotel near me”, and “I want pet boarding near me”. We answered their prayers, and now everyone is preaching “Now I have kennels near me”, “Now I have a dog daycare near me”, and “Now I have dog boarding near me”


We hope to see you and your dog soon!  Call today for more information or to signup.

dog day care and dog boarding Culver City
dog day care and dog boarding Culver City
doggy daycare and dog boarding Culver City CA