Dog Day Care & Dog Boarding Santa Monica CA

Conveniently located in Playa Vista is the doggie spa you have been looking for near Santa Monica.  Rigo and Holly Medrano who have over 15 years experience in the pet care business locally own Doggie Central.

Doggie Central is designed to be a full service facility for your favorite friend.  Located near Santa Monica, The Day Care Service is designed to engage your pet in a friendly dog-loving atmosphere.  You can view your best friend on their Doggie Webcams to see that they are comfortable and engaged.  All pets are interviewed and have a two-hour stay before they are accepted into our facility.  This ensured your pet would be comfortable and feel that they are in a safe environment even if they are not in your home in Santa Monica.

Our services include dog grooming, dog training, pet care, pet sitting,

Our dog kennels and dog boarding are peerless. Did I mention they were indoor dog kennels? This improves the quality of our pet care, as your pets will feel as if they were in a dog spa or pet resort. Outside dog kennels are great too, and we have them. Those are located near our dog pool, where our dog sitting and pet sitting officials are treating your pets in our pet hotel, dog hotel, and kennel.

Looking for a pet sitter or a dog sitter? Well, you’re in luck. People are always asking, “Why can’t I find any dog boarding near me, dog day care near me, dog kennels near me, pet boarding near me, dog daycare near me, kennels near me, dog sitters near me, or dog hotel near me? That’s because they haven’t discovered us yet. We can eliminate those doggy day care, pet boarding, and dog daycare issues for you.

Our Dog Pool is second to none by Santa Monica.  Your pet can be trained to swim with a one on one instructor.  We have beginning swim session, dock diving sessions, fun individual sessions and swimming 101.  You can even have a pool party for your pet!

Our full service facility at Doggie Central near Santa Monica even has Dog Grooming.  We can clean teeth, trim nails, do a partial bath (tummy to toes) or a full grooming.  We can do a wash and blow dry which includes nail trimming, ears and anal gland expression.

Are you planning on a trip away from Santa Monica and don’t have a friend to take care of your favorite friend?  At Doggie Central near Santa Monica you can leave your pet for two days or two weeks.  Our overnight boarding offers a safe environment where your favorite friend can play all day and sleep all night in a soft comfortable bed.

Our indoor/outdoor boarding and day care near Santa Monica can be a second home for your best friend.  We are a cage free facility that encourages our employees to treat your pet as if they were their own.  There is a lot of attention and hugs given to your best friend and the best part is you can see them from anywhere you are even at your job in Santa Monica or inland.  Just login to our Doggie Webcam and put your mind at ease seeing your best friend is happy and engaged with their environment.

Call us at (310) 390-3645 and ask about our Fido’s Fun Day Card.  Buy 10, get 1 free!

dog day care & dog boarding Santa Monica
dog day care & dog boarding Santa Monica
doggy daycare & dog boarding Santa Monica CA