Dog Pool Park

This is where we get wet and wild!  Nothing like it and quite a sight to see.  Our dog pool is a great time for dogs that love water.  We have ramps for easy in and out and we have a diving dock for dogs that love to jump in that way too.

Beginning swimmers can get in on the action too at our special dog pool park.  Who’s the happiest one here?

Whether your dog is here for dog day care or you just want to give your dog the opportunity to go for a swim – we can facilitate you and your dog.

If you’re ready to get your fur faced family member in on the action, fill out a swim registration and let’s set it up!

Dog Swim Pricing

Beginning Swim or Dock Diving (1st session only) $60.00
Dock Diving Session $40.00
Fun Individual Session $35.00
Swimming 101 (4 sessions) $120.00
Swim Pass (10 sessions) $250.00
Pool Party (2 hour min @ $125.00 Per hour) $250.00